“Protos” Ancient Greek Word Meaning First

Logo: Greek Goddess Athena

Our Business Philosophy

Our name and symbol summarizes our Philosophy

To provide the best, most knowledgeable service to our Principals and to provide reliable protection to vessels and other assets entrusted to our care

Incorporated: September 10, 1951

Our Advantages

  • Over 66 years of service to the Canadian Market
  • Highly experienced and professional personnel
  • Long term employees
  • Historical representation with major global carriers providing excellent references
  • Local offices in all major cities across Canada
  • Present carrier representation allows us to have an extensive customer base
  • Wide coverage and experience with all major trade lanes
  • Specialists in all facets of the shipping industry including projects, B/B and RO/RO cargo, chartering and brokerage
  • Attendance at all major customer and industry functions which allows us to maintain a high profile and gather market intelligence
  • Experienced team that is available to customers and principals at all times
  • Day to day management handled by the owners of the company

Our Commitment

To Our Principals

To Maintain experienced, highly motivated personnel and ensure they have detailed knowledge of your service and corporate philosophy.

To Market your services in an aggressive, professional manner, ensuring that we are always ahead of the competition as new developments and opportunities arise.

To Always promote your Corporate Identity so that it is immediately recognized as premier entity in the Transportation Industry.

To continue to provide the highest level of quality in all functions, surpassing all industry standards.

To Our Customers

To ensure that we present to you an efficient, responsive Organization, an Organization which deals with you as an individual.

To allow easy access, through print and electronic media, our Principal’s schedules and services.

To Recognize and convey your requirements to our Principal in order to allow the most innovative approach to your transportation needs.

To continue to provide the highest level or quality in all of our functions, surpassing all industry standards.

Systems Goals and Objectives

Advanced Communication between Shippers, Protos Shipping Limited and the Line.

Automated File Transfer of as much critical and statistical data as possible.

Automated fax/email to Consignees & Shippers of important data such as incoming vessel reports,
sailing schedules and arrival notices.

Cost reduction through high end use of Electronic Mail and other File Transfer Mechanisms.

Provide timely information for reporting and statistical purpose

Customs – ACI / AMS

Lisa Brown is Chair of the Customs Committee at the Shipping Federation of Canada and
has been involved with both the ACI & AMS implementation since its inception.

This experience provides Protos Shipping Limited with a close relationship with
Canada Customs and necessary contacts with U.S. Border Protection.

We are well versed and equipped to handle all regular and electronic requirements from
both the U.S. and Canadian authorities.

Electronically Interfaced with both CBP for AMS and CBSA for ACI Filing.

Monitor all transmissions 24/7 to ensure compliance with the CBSA requirements.

Trouble shoot with overseas offices on AMS / ACI filing.


Shipping Federation of Canada

Halifax Employer’s Association / Maritime Employers Association

Board of Trade

Various industry associations: Grunt Club / Traffic Club / Toronto Steamship Assoc.

Canadian International Freight Forwarder’s Association

CLC Projects